East Boston Ecumenical Community Council

Information about this center is no longer updated. This data was last updated on 9 July 2014.

Phone: 617-567-2750
Email: framirez@ebecc.org
Website: http://www.ebecc.org


East Boston Ecumenical Community Council (EBECC) is an organization dedicated to helping immigrant populations adapt to life in the U.S. They offer counseling and services on family issues, housing (including tenant education and advocacy for affordable housing), ESL classes to help break the language barrier, and so on. The group also advocates immigrant civil rights and runs a "Latino Youth Development Program" for students in the Spanish bilingual program at East Boston High School.
Source: EBECC website


EBECC describes itself as "ecumenical," by which it means inclusive of all peoples: Protestants, Catholics, Jews, Buddhists, non-deists, and so on. EBECC is a non-profit community organization that was started as a Lutheran movement.

Activities and Programs

"East Boston Ecumenical Community Council (EBECC) is a multi-service agency that works to improve the quality of life for East Boston’s immigrants and promote their participation in the life of the neighborhood. Through services, education, advocacy, and organizing, EBECC [works with around 3,000 individuals annually]. Current programs address the needs of Latino and Brazilian immigrants."
Source: EBECC website In addition to the aforementioned programs, EBECC offers a wide variety of community organization services, social services and counseling.

Brief History

EBECC was started in 1978 by Sister Carol Rossi and Sister Noel Doyle, Lutheran nuns doing anti-racist work in East Boston. At its inception, the group primarily was involved with helping people of color integrate the housing development in Maverick Square. Later the organization developed into a grassroots, community-based multicultural organization. The participants as well as the leaders are from the communities they serve.


19-member board of directors