Dallas Baha'i Center

Information about this center is no longer updated. This data was last updated on 26 October 2018.

Phone: 214-348-1900
Email: krafraf@msn.com
Website: http://www.bahaisofdallas.org/
[flickr_set id="72157621818070029"] History The requirement to form a Local Spiritual Assembly is that nine adult members of the Bahá’í Faith live in an area. In 1948 the Local Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of Dallas was formed. Prior to that time Bahá’ís, many of whom were women, had traveled to Dallas to hold gatherings with people who were interested in hearing about the Bahá’í Faith. Some local people joined the Bahá’í Faith and other people, who were already Bahá’ís, moved to the Dallas area. The Bahá’ís met for study classes and worship services. The meetings were held either in rented hotel rooms or in the homes of Bahá’ís, when the houses were large enough to accommodate the group. From the beginning the Bahá’ís saved money in order to establish a center. Bahá’ís do not accept donations from people who are not members of the Bahá’í Faith. For a while the Bahá’ís rented property in the 6300 block of Lake Shore Drive just off Abrams. The property consisted of a two-story building, a former residence and another smaller building in the rear of the lot. The meetings were held on the first floor of the main building. The second floor and the smaller building were rented to Bahá’ís. In the late 1970s property was purchased at 4235 W. Northwest Highway, which is the current location of the center. At that time there was a house on the property and the meetings were held in that structure. Since that time the building was remodeled into what is now a two-story structure. Many of the area Bahá’ís donated their money, time and labor to renovate and furnish the center. Activities and Schedule The various activities held at the Dallas Bahá’í Center include weekly worship services and the Bahá’í Feast. This feast contains a spiritual portion at which the Bahá’í and other Sacred Writings are read and prayers are recited, an administrative portion at which the Assembly reports to the Community and the Community members hold discussions and make recommendations to the Assembly, and a social portion at which the Bahá’ís have refreshments and socialize. The Bahá’í Feast is held once every 19 days at the beginning of the Bahá’í month. There are also Holy Day commemorations, study classes, childrens' religious classes; youth and young adult gatherings, a youth workshop, a youth service project, Dinner Club, classes in English as a second language, and other service projects. The center also holds a Saturday Night Open House at which Bahá’ís and people who are interested in learning about the Bahá’í Faith gather for discussion. In addition to these regular gatherings there are special events such as visiting speakers and performers, and community events such as the commemoration of Race Unity Day and World Religion Day. Demographics The Bahá’ís of the Dallas Community worship at the center. The main language spoken at the Dallas Bahá’í Center is American English, however many members speak Farsi, Spanish, Arabic, Ethiopian, Sudanese, German, or Portuguese. The Dallas Bahá’í Center serves adults, youth, and children. Children may be registered as members of the Bahá’í Faith by their parents. When a person reaches the age of 15 they are considered a Bahá’í youth, and when a person reaches the age of 21 they are considered an adult Bahá’í. Description The Dallas Bahá’í Center is a two story brick and wood structure, which incorporates Vijeh Hall, named to honor Youssef Vijeh, one of the Bahá’ís who was instrumental in acquiring and enlarging the center. It also has a kitchen, two restrooms, classrooms, a bookstore, a lending library, a reception room, the secretarial office, administrative office, archive, and an entry. There is paved parking for 50 plus vehicles. The Bahá’í Community owns adjacent property which will be developed. The original structure on the property was a residence.