City Profile: Phoenix, AZ (2012)

The Hohokam Indians were the earliest inhabitants of the area where the vast city of Phoenix now stretches across the southwestern desert. Nineteenth century settlers rebuilt the ancient canals abandoned by the Hohokam and optimistically gave the city its name: Phoenix, the fabled desert bird that lives for hundreds of years and then rises from its own ashes to live again. Their optimism seems to have been matched by the reality of modern Phoenix, which built on ancient ruins, has become one of the nation’s fastest growing cities. Although its population numbered less than 100,000 in...

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Brenda Whitlock

Brenda Whitlock was a student at Arizona State University when she began research on the Arizona Buddhist Temple. Dr. Tracey Fessenden was the faculty sponsor... Read more about Brenda Whitlock
Arizona State University
Phoenix, AZ

Dr. David Damrel

Dr. David Damrel became a Pluralism Project affiliate in 2002 while teaching religious studies at Arizona State University. He developed a course to engage... Read more about David Damrel
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC