Kansas City

Reverend Vern Barnet

Founder and Minister Emeritus, World's Faith Center for Religious Experience and Spirituality (CRES)

This profile was last update in 2012. 

It seems that the Rev. Vern Barnet has thought of everything. Barnet’s extensive website...

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City Profile: Kansas City, MO and KS (2012)

From early on, Kansas City signaled a “land of opportunity” for travelers in search of a fresh start. Beginning in the 1830s, the growing settlement at the convergence of the Kansas and Missouri Rivers became the first stop for many Mormons trekking along the Santa Fe, California, and Oregon Trails. Over the next century, Kansas City became a hub of African American culture and music as well as home to a sizable Jewish community. Today, the City of Fountains is bubbling with energy as new immigrants add to the complexity of the region’s religious diversity.

The first synagogue...

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