Church of Ildanach (All Craftsmen)-ATC

Information about this center is no longer updated. This data was last updated on 25 February 2015.

Contact Information

Address: Shirley , MA 01464

The Church's foundation is that of Ildanach (All Craftsman) Coven, founded in 1990 by Paul Cognata and Geraldine (Sherry) Bertoni in the Alexandrian Tradition of Wicca. This Coven is the third generation from the original Alexandrian Coven founded in Boston, MA in 1970. In recent years, coven leaders have noticed a decline in the number of members, which they attribute to a larger trend among pagan youth who, rather than investigating at least a year in training to be apart of a coven, seek instant gratification through individual practice. At present, the youngest members of the coven plan to carry the traditions of the Ildanach Coven on to the next generation.

Ildanach Coven does on occasion have guests and welcomes interested witches to attend their Holiday Circles. Originally, Ildanach was based in Woburn, but they currently hold circles in Shirley, Massachusetts.


Ildanach Coven is led by High Priest Paul Cognata and High Priestess Geraldine (Sherry) Bertoni. Cognata began his training in 1983 and has received three degrees under the supervision of a High Priestess and High Priest whose initiatory linage goes back to Alexander Sanders, the High Priest associated with the founding of the tradition of Alexandrian Wicca during the 1960s. In 1987, Cognata was ordained as third degree High Priest. Geraldine (Sherry) Bertoni began her training in 1982 and received first and second degrees in another coven. She was ordained third degree High Priestess by Paul Cognata in 1991. Ildanach Coven believes that all energy should be shared and strives to include all members in energy raising rituals. If the High Priest or High Priestess is not present for a ritual, another member of the coven can take their place.


In the past, the Coven hosted traveling rituals and Woburn. Now that a member of the coven maintains land in Shirley, regular rituals are held there and organized a year in advance. Ildanach welcomes new initiates for those that are serious in following a traditional Alexandrian path.

Center Activities

Services take place on the weekend nearest the eight seasonal holidays of October 31st, December 21st, February 2nd, March 20th, May 1st, June 21st, August 1st and September 22nd with respect to members working schedules.