Chua Bo De Buddhist Temple

Information about this center is no longer updated. This data was last updated on 11 October 2009.

Phone: 504-733-6634
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The Chua Bo De Buddhist Temple was built in 1983 following traditional Vietnamese design and decoration. The temple's design and lush setting make it unique to New Orleans since it reflects the look of a Southeast Asian temple. The temple is named after the Bodhi Tree, the tree that Buddha sat under when he reached enlightenment.

Activities and Schedule

The temple holds regular services on Saturdays at 7:30 p.m. and Sundays at 11:00 a.m. Chua Bo De also offers Sunday school classes for children to learn the Vietnamese language and the fundamental teachings of the Buddha. The classes are preceded by by a short prayer at 9:45 a.m. A service at noon is for lay people and it is regularly preceded by a community meal. Special ceremonis are held in connection with the "Phat Dan Sanh" or the Buddha's birthday, and "Phat Thanh Dao", the day marking the Buddha's enlightenment.


The area around the temple is largely undeveloped. In addition, the landscaping aroud the temple is manicured carefully and provides several benches for people to relax on. The Chua Bo De Temple is a single story, square building about the size of a four-bedroom home. The temple has a double door entrance and a five-foot porch. The temple is guarded by two lions, traditional ornaments, to ensure the temple's protection. The interior of the temple is comprised of one large prayer room, a large room for classes and social events, a kitchen, and two small prayer rooms dedicated to the worship of ancestors and Quan Cong. There is also an attached living quarter for the resident monk. The temple serves as a community center for the local Vietnamese population although a few non-Vietnamese New Orleanians are active.

Location and Directions

The Chua Bo De temple is located just outside of New Orleans in the Belle Chase area. It is approximately a twenty-five minute drive from uptown New Orleans to the temple. It is located on Woodland Highway near the English Turn golf course.


The congregation consists of Vietnamese immigrants and their children. The monk in residence is named Thong Duc and he is in his late thirties. He became a monk at the age of 23 and came to the U.S. in 1999. He studied English in Houston for a year before joining Chua Bo De.