Center for the Study of Society and Secularism

Information about this center is no longer updated. This data was last updated on 11 October 2009.

Contact Information

Address: 9B Himalaya Apartments, 1st Floor
6th Road, Santacruz (E), Mumbai, 400 055, IN

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Type of Organization

Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)

Constructive Practices

Information Dissemination


According to its website, the aims and objectives of this center are:
"1.To spread the spirit of secularism and communal harmony and social peace.
2.To study problems relating to communalism and secularism.
3.To organize inter-faith and ethnic dialogue and justice."


CSSS is a nonprofit organization that utilizes multiple approaches to reach its mission. In order to enhance public awareness about communalism, social peace, and justice, this center sponsors research activities, seminars, dialogues, trainings and publications. The center also engages directly with the community by conducting outreach programs, for example youth camps and street plays. To support its work, CSSS is developing a library and documentation center. It is also networking with other organizations to strengthen its research on secularism and communalism.


CSSS was established in 1993 by a group of well-known scholars, social activists, and other individuals from all over the country that became concerned with what they saw as a growing trend towards communalism in India. The center is registered as a non-profit under Indian law.


CSSS is not a membership-based organization. As other NGOs, this organization has an advisory board, executive directors, and administrative staff.

Publication and Event

CSSS publishes the quarterly Indian Journal of Secularism, which focuses on communal issues and secularism, and an online article, Secular Perspective, that is written regularly by Asghar Ali Engineer. Regarding its activities, CSSS has engaged in a number of events since its founding, which are listed on their website.