Boston Avenue United Methodist Church

Information about this center is no longer updated. This data was last updated on 11 October 2009.

Phone: 918-583-5181
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Boston Avenue United Methodist Church was founded in 1893 by Rev E.B. Chenoweth under the name Methodist Episcopal Church South. At that time, Tulsa was a still simply a small white settlement inside Native American Territory. Originally, the small congregation met at a nearby Presbyterian mission, but within a year they had constructed their own building. Since then, the congregation has been led by more than 20 Senior Pastors. The church has been a strong fixture in the Tulsa community, especially in the downtown area. The current Senior Pastor, Dr. Biggs, has been with the church since 1980 and is very dedicated to interfaith concerns.


Boston Avenue Church only offers services in English. The church's membership is primarily comprised of elderly, caucasian Americans. The vast majority of the congregation is over the age of 55.


Originally, the small congregation met at a nearby Presbyterian mission, but within a year they had constructed their own building. In 1906, the congregation purchased land at 5th and Boston for a new building and renamed the center Boston Avenue Church. As the church continued to grow, plans were made to build a much larger, much more extravagant art deco building a few blocks away at 13th and Boston. The church family committed to the project during the oil booms of the early twentieth century, but struggled to pay the mortgage after the Stock Market Crash of 1929. The church was able to keep the building, and still continues to worship there today. Two times since its original construction, the church has added on new wings to help accommodate growth. The building has been certified a local landmark as well as a national historical landmark. It is located on the very edge of downtown Tulsa. The building coupled with the adjacent park adds a unique touch of beauty to the area. Jo Beth Harris has actually written two books dedicated to the history of the church: More Than a Building: The First Century of Boston Avenue Methodist Church, Council Oak Publishing Company, Inc. Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1993 and Here's to You, Adah Robinson, In Print Publishing, Tulsa, 2006.

Activities and Schedule

Boston Avenue Church has complete listings of classes and events on the website Especially popular are the family and children's events, including the Hoedown held in late October and the Easter Egg Hunt in April.


Dr. Biggs has brought an especially astute awareness to Boston Avenue Church concerning interfaith relations. The Church hosts a Jewish and Christian Dialogue group, has a special interfaith ministry, and is very involved with the Oklahoma Conference for Community and Justice. A statue honoring Dr. Biggs' interfaith work has even been erected in the park next to the church.