Ar-Razzaq Islamic Center

Information about this center is no longer updated. This data was last updated on 5 December 2013.

Phone: 919-493-1230

Activities and Schedule

Friday Jumuah (Meal or halal meat sale after)
Sunday Educational Services
Soup Kitchen (monthly)
Durham Homeless Shelter Volunteering (Once every three months)


This center has been in in the community since the early 1960s as the Nation of Islam. As the Nation of Islam transferred power to W.D. Muhammad in 1975, its doctrine also changed to embrace the Sunni tradition. The Center is currently trying to establish a new Masjid/Islamic School complex, as well as building more local employment via its halal meat store. The Center is also actively involved in the economic revitalization of the West Chapel Hill corridor between downtown Durham and Duke University.


The ethnic composition is mostly African-American. English is spoken at the center. Families attend the services, so the age groups are wide ranging.


Ar-Razzaq is located on a street lined with houses of worship. It is adjacent to a Catholic church (Immaculate Conception), and several other churches. The Islamic center's interior is spartan, with white walls and green carpeting for the prayer area. It has a kitchen and an eating area able to seat 40-50 people.

Center Activities

Besides Friday Jumuah, the center hosts many guest speakers on Sundays. These talks are usually taped for the local access channel. There's a Sunday class from 1~3 p.m. The center also has a contract with a local radio station that broadcasts the Sunday talks.

Local Interests

The center has a great relationship with surrounding religious centers, and the burgeoning interfaith program with Immaculate Conception since 9/11 is promising.