BarnChristopher Bullock, MD, MFA 1947-2018

Learners' Review 

Michael Kochis

Finding my Path(ways): Becoming a Medical Educator

Michael Kochis, HMS class of 2020, HGSE class of 2019


I’ll never forget how I felt the first time I clambered into that starchy white coat: gratitude that the vision of my future that had motivated me for so long was finally taking shape, and excitement for the experiences awaiting me to refine that vision in ways I couldn’t even imagine.  Even so, I would have never guessed that within three years I’d be ready to take up another mantle: not just a physician, but a medical educator.


HMS Focus: Recent Academy Publications

Dr. Arabella SimpkinPromoting Resilience in Academic Medicine 

Arabella L. Simpkin, MD, MMSc1,2 


The Challenge
Burnout has reached epidemic proportions among physicians-in-training and in practice, clearly signaling that our system, and those within it, need help. Described by Maslach et al as “What started out as important, meaningful and challenging work becomes unpleasant, unfulfilling and meaningless. Energy turns to exhaustion, involvement turns to cynicism, and efficacy turns into ineffectiveness.”(2).