Submission Process

New Protocols

Submit the following materials with a new protocol:

  • ESCRO Application, available on the Forms Page
  • Research Plan
  • If human subjects or identifiable human material:
    • IRB approval
    • consent form(s) that include all the ESCRO-required items (or an explanation for any that are missing)
    • any other materials used in the course of the study, e.g., recruiting materials, letters to subjects, protocol forms
  • If animal subjects:
    • IACUC approval (e.g., signed protocol face page)
    Note: IACUC materials are not required if all you are doing is generating teratomas to test for pluripotency.
  • ESCRO, IRB, and IACUC applications and approvals (including approved consent form) from all collaborating schools/institutions
  • COMS Approval Letter

Annual Renewals

Submit the following materials with an annual renewal:

  • Progress Report Form, available on the Forms Page
  • Any new materials not previously reviewed
  • Any materials that have changed, including the Research Description, recruiting materials, consent forms, etc.
  • Documentation of any approvals that have expired or will expire in the near future, including IRB, IACUC, or collaborator approvals (Note: Documentation of COMS approval is only required if changes were made.)
  • Any other materials, as directed by the Progress Report Form