The Harvard Visualization Research and Teaching Lab is consistently making updates to what technology is being used in classrooms and for research.


Visualization Lab Navigation Station
The primary area for the research laboratory is an immersive CAVE, utilizing two projectors. The room seats up to 22 people comfortably. Visualization Lab
HTC VIVE and Oculus Go headsets tend to be the most popular tools at researcher's disposal. Vive Headsests

List of technical components for CAVE:

2k-4k-8k 3:1 panoramic photography

2k-4k-8k 3D 16:9 photography

2k-4k-8k Computer graphics

2k-4k-8k streaming 2D & 3D video to and from the web

Realtime 2k-4k-8k data display from remote sources

7.2 Dolby Surround 360 audio

Skype, Zoom, Web-X, Rumii teleconferencing

Visualization Lab Layout

Projector schematics for VizLabVizLab Room Layout


List of other technology in the lab:

6 HTC 6 DOF Vive VR headsets

20 3 DOF Oculus VR headsets

Augmented Reality Sandbox

Multiple simultaneous 3D Game Engines

Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems

Ozo, Vuze, Richo, Samsung, GoPro, 360 cameras

VizLab office