The past two years have presented extraordinary challenges for the teaching of languages, literatures, and cultures across the world.  Educators have had to adapt to meet learners’ needs, to innovate with the help of technology, and, in this latest phase of the pandemic crisis, to envision a lasting set of methodologies and practices that effectively leverage resources, techniques, and collaborative tools. 

The Consortium for Language Teaching and Learning is uniquely positioned to examine and shape the emerging trends across our institutions. Acknowledging the critical importance of this work, Harvard University invites our colleagues from the Consortium to join us on April 29, 2022 for a symposium on the changing landscape of language pedagogy. 

“Future Thinking on Language Teaching and Learning” will frame the questions in the areas of engagement, assessment, interaction, spaces, texts and writing, adaptive teaching methods, and translation that confront us as a profession and propose potential responses.  It is our hope that this symposium will mark a starting point for further and deeper discussions among Consortial members and help us define threads of common interest to work on together over the coming years.