Sub-Series VII. Dyes

Box 1: 2 clear glass bottles, tinted purple. No labels.

1. With glass stopper. Yellow label: Copper Suspension (settles quickly; element is heavy.)
2. Broken at neck, no stopper.

Box 2: 5 clear glass bottles.

1. Sealed with cork, 2" of dark liquid (staining glass orange). No original label. Yellow label: Varnish (?) Solvent, probably turpentine.
2. Glass stopper (sealed with clear tape), 1/8" clear liquid with settled purple powder. Original label, handwritten: Feiner Dunkel Purpur. Yellow label: "Fine Dark Purple" 1) Small particle size. 2) Good quality.
3. Sealed glass stopper, tape fragment, purple residue inside. No original label. Yellow label: Copper Suspension.
4. Six-sided, cork sealed with clear tape. 1" white and brown (striated) sticky substance (coats all inside). Commercial label, handwritten over: Wasserglas. Yellow label: "Waterglass" Soluable glass Nasi solution. Uses: preserves eggs. Today - seals asbestos covered sheets; looks like wall paper paste, opaque, sticky, hydroscopic (never really dries).
5. Glass stopper, ¼" cloudy purple liquid. Handwritten label: Purpur lila. Yellow label: Copper Oxide (ed. Mitchell).

Box 3: 4 clear glass bottles, 1 plastic. Commercial labels all read Ernst Hoxhold, Dresden. Spezialhausphotograph. Bedarfsartikel.

1. Glass stopper - 3/4". Clear liquid and settled powder.
2. Plastic. Cork sealed with clear tape, small amount of dark powder at bottom. Handwritten on commercial label(filling in spaces on label): 100 Gr. Platinbad. Yellow label: Platinum (probably used in the same way as the solutions for gold).
3. Broken cork (not sealed), 2" dark solidified liquid (glass stained orange). Yellow label: Varnish(?) or Glue(?)
4. Cork sealed with tape, small amount white material. Handwritten on commercial label: Goldbad A.
5. Cork sealed with tape, small amount orange-brown grains. Handwritten on commercial label: 100 Gr. Goldlassing? B. Additional text is unreadable. Yellow label: Pair of bottles [4 and 5] "Goldbath A & B. To use: add an equal volume of solution B to A. Solution is only stable for 2 hours.

Box 4: 5 glass bottles, 2 corks, 1 glass stopper and bottle fragment.

1. Glass stopper and part of bottle neck (a piece of the broken bottle in Box 1.)
Bottles 2-5: Small square bottles with metal-topped corks. Commercial labels: Gunther Wagner's Eiweiss-Lasurfarben. GEGR. 1838. Each also labeled with a color:
2. Rectangular, sealed with broken cork, 11/2" dark liquid. Commercial label: Nusschalen-Extract [etc]. Translation on yellow label: Real Nutshell Extract. Color blond, grey & red hair nicely dark blond & black. Non-poisonous.
3. Himmelblau (turqoise liquid).
4. Zinnober (dark liquid).
5. Preuss. Blau (dark blue liquid).
6. Gesichtsfarbe (traces of orange-brown liquid)