Sub-Series VI. Glass

Glass Tools

    • Small glass pestle perhaps for grinding colored glass enamels
    • Glass tray for photographic work


        • Square wooden box with unused microscope slides
        • Stack of small microscope slides tied with string
        • 4 cardboard housings with 2 specimen slides apiece, some commercial and some made by Blaschkas, only several of the labels legible

        Glass Color Bars 

        • 4 complete color bars
        • 1 broken piece from bar

        Bags of Loose Glass 

        • Bag of "Green Friable-Looking Glass"
        • Small bag of mixed shades of green glass
        • Small bag of opaque red-purple glass
        • Small bag of transparent, slightly yellow glass
        • Small bag of opaque, dark pink-orange glass

         Tubing and Rods

        • Plant part (stigma) made from tubing and wire
        • Wde petal part from painted clear glass
        • Clear glass in a test tube shape
        • Several pieces of clear commercial tubing, slight variations
        • Piece of clear commercial rod
        • Clear commercial tubing with miniature pipe bowl at tip
        • Opaque white commercial rod
        • Opaque light blue commercial rod
        • Opaque brown commercial rod
        • Opaque green commercial rod
        • Clear commercial rod
        • Opaque white tapering rod

        Powdered Enamels or Glazes in Commercial Envelopes 

        • Gneist & Wenzel, Dresden, Fein geriebe Porzellanfarbe (6 Colors)
        • Müller & Hennig, Dresden, Schutz-Marke, Fein geriebe Porzellanfarbe (2 Colors)
        • Müller & Hennig, Porzellan-Farbe der Staatl. Sächs, Porzellan-Manufactur Meissen (2 Colors)
        • Willy Hennig Central-Dogerie, Am Rathaus, Fernruf 65, Pillnitz (1 Color)
        • W.C. Heraeus, Hannau a/M.; Platinschmelze und Chem. Laboratorium (label only)

        Powdered Enamels or Glazes With Handwritten Labels 

        • 2 “# xc Dunkelgrün”
        • "zink weiss"
        • "fluss"
        • "minders Violet mit braun Amlauf"
        • "Gablonzer Violet mit Fluss"
        • "Violet blau"
        • "Blau Comp.-Staub"
        • "Salpetersam Wismuth"
        • Purple powder
        • Green powder
        • Violet powder
        • Tan powder

         Small Pieces of Glass

        • Clear rod about 6cm long worked on both ends
        • 2 pieces of dark green opaque rod twisted about 3cm
        • 9 pieces of very fine rod in beige, green, red, 1 twisted with wire like a plant tendril

         Large Pieces of Cullet and Glass Wrapped in Paper

        • Chips of dense blackish metallic glass
        • Chunks of transparent green in the shape of a small crucible
        • Pancake pieces of opaque mustard yellow
        • Pancake pieces of opaque turquoise blue
        • Transparent ruby commercial flat glass
        • Center portion of roundel of transparent purple
        • Transparent chips of light green, wrapped newspaper
        • Large package of transparent to opaque chips of green
        • Opaque and transparent green wrapped in brown paper with stars & writing & calculations
        • Opaque darker green chunks
        • Chunks of transparent green
        • Chunks of opaque purple-lavender
        • Chunk of opaque light yellow
        • Chunks of dense transparent reddish amber
        • Small paper packet with transparent chips of dense green
        • Small paper packet with opaque chips of variegated blood red

         Very Large Pieces of Cullet

        • Large transparent colorless chunks; estimated 5-8lbs
        • Large chunks and chips of opaque light green