Series Descriptions

Below is a listing of the The Blaschka Glass Flower Archives collections. Click on a link to access specific sections of the finding aid. These will provide you with biographical information, collection scope, size, and material types.


Series I. Blaschka Correspondence

Series II. Blaschka Drawings & Paintings

Series III. Blaschka Ephemera and Artifacts

Series IV. Biographical Information

  • Sub-Series I. Leopold & Rudolf Blaschka
  • Sub Series II. Elizabeth Ware
  • Sub Series III. George Lincoln Goodale

Series V. Ware Collection of Glass Flower Models

Series VI. Other Blashka Models

Series VII. Harvard University Botanical Museum

Series VIII. Publications Referencing Leopold & Rudolf Blaschka and Glass Flower Exhibit

Series IX. Loan and Use of Collections [files closed]

Series X. Ownership and Copyright [files closed]