Video black bars consistency corrections for LOF

Adding black bars to a Vimeo video (if keeping consistent with Youtube videos in an LOF):

.oembed img[src*="vimeo"] {
    padding: 22px 0;
    background:  black;

Getting rid of black bars on youtube videos:

.oembed a {
display: block;
width: 363px;
height: 272px;
margin-bottom: -55px;

}.oembed a img {
height: 272px;
position: absolute;
clip: rect(35px,363px,235px,0px);
top: -35px;

Reverse Engineering Kaltura Video URLs

You may find Kaltura videos that are rendered with Javascript on exteral sites. If you need to embed the video into OpenScholar in an iFrame, you can use this convention.

Start with embed URL example:[streamerType]=auto%22%20width=%22560%22%20height=%22395%22%20allowfullscreen%20webkitallowfullscreen%20mozAllowFullScreen%20frameborder=%220%22... Read more about Reverse Engineering Kaltura Video URLs