Google Custom Search

  • Place Google Custom code into embed media widget
  • Place EM widget into layout
  • Also in Layout view, place OS Search widget below GCS widget
  • Add the CSS
    Add the following to the stylesheet:

    .gcsc-find-more-on-google-magnifier {
        fill: #215990;
    .gcsc-find-more-on-google {
        color: #215990;
    .googlesearch b, .googlesearch {
        color: #215990...

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Search box in menu effect

*This technique is not accessible and should not be used

Step 1: Add a menu item, menu heading only called Search and with tooltip named Site Search and place it at the bottom of the Perimary Menu list.

Step 2: In Layout, add Search box widget

Step 3: Create EM widget and add the following script via edit:


<script src=""></script>
jQuery(document).ready(function() {


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