JS Changing Title & Breadcrumbs and More

The following changes the page title to "Publications" and changes the breadcrumbs to "Home / Resource Library" w/ their corresponding links: 

<script type="text/javascript">

var PageTitle = 'Publications' ;

document.getElementById("page-title").innerHTML = PageTitle;

var txt = document.getElementsByClassName("breadcrumb")[0].innerHTML;
var txt1 = '<a href=\"">Home</a>' + '<span> / </span>' + '<a href=\"">Resource Library...
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Javascript Redirect

  • Add the following code to an Embed Media widget
  • Swap out link that want it to redirect to
    • make sure to add the following GA query string so Joe can track it: ?utm_source=os&utm_campaign=redirect_analysis
  • Get rid of any widgets in the layout on the site
  • Paste in all sections of site at top of layout
  • mark in spreadsheet so can track redirects:
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